Living Well with Chronic Illness – How acupuncture, Chinese medicine and yoga can change your life


Rachel Gorman was diagnosed with idiopathic POTS, fibromyalgia, gastroparesis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and a multitude of other ‘opathies over a 4 year period from 2012 to 2016. Her onset was sudden at the age of 25 and her deterioration over those 4 years immense. She went from being an active, social 20 something holding down a senior job to needing to stop work, socialise and pretty much eat!

Suction cups can increase blood flow, and could be one way of providing pain relief after an injury.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is used to treat ailments ranging from the common cold to arthritis to muscle pain; many acupuncturists offer it. Causey uses it mainly to relieve pain, she says. Research backs up cupping as a tool to treat pain, which is what athletes tend to focus on.