Yearly Archives: 2019

Congratulation to the new 2019 Acupuncture graduates!

We have held a graduation ceremony in the Marino Institute of Education to present diplomas to our graduates of the Acupuncture professional training programme. Thank you to all those who attended the Graduation ceremony on Saturday. We had a lovely afternoon with family members and friends coming together in wishing the new TCM practitioners every success in their new careers.  It was a lovely, happy day and we couldn’t be more proud of our graduates. Well done to everyone on their hard work and dedication during the course of their studies. We wish you all the best on the beginning […]

Healthcare Professionals should stay within their scope of practice

  It is vital that Physio Therapists and now more recently Physical Therapists stay within their scope of practice, and not offer acupuncture “dry needling” they are not sufficiently trained or licensed for. This is a real issue not only of professional ethics, but of health and safety. Within the current regulation vacuum it is reported that Physios and Physical Therapists PT are now being offered 2 day “dry needling courses to use in their clinics. This is outside of the scope of practice of both Physio Therapists and Physical Therapists not fully trained in the clinical use of Acupuncture. […]

Three easy ways to look younger naturally!

There are so many wonderful things about spending time out in nature and in the sunshine. Mainly, being out in nature is a wonderful way to cultivate Qi. However, too much sun exposure without sunscreen, can result in some potentially serious side effects. The first way is to use natural skin treatments. Instead of a chemical cleanser, use a natural cleanser on your skin to keep it healthy. A simple mixture of honey, olive oil, yogurt, and ground oats is a great way to make your skin glow. Exfoliate with a natural scrub while in the bath. You can use […]